Baker Community Poll – Initial Results

July 25, 2014

This is a first look at the results of the recent community poll.  As you can see there are certainly some interesting trends that can be identified.

I decided to post an early preview of the results in order to perhaps prompt those that haven’t yet responded to go ahead and do so!

If you haven’t responded, but would still like to – please head on over to this site to complete the survey!

Baker Community Poll Link ->

And here are the initial results based on a survey response pool of ~50 responses.


The publication tools question (Your publication is / will be created using…) was interesting, as there were a significant variance in the “other” responses.  Here is a listing of the tools mentioned.

  1. Custom extraction from high resolution PDF files with Adobe Muse perhaps
  2. I use indesign to make our newspaper but I feel like using Muse, Edge, custom coding, and voodoo will be used
  3. Organisation will be made in Indesign
  4. Macaw
  5. PDF
  6. Adobe Edge Reflow
  7. PDF pubzie
  8. MagLoft
  9. Heavily modified Laker Template
  10. Online Editor
  11. PDF
  12. Magloft
  13. Magloft
  14. HTML5 generated from our ruby based CMS


On the open ended feature question there were also a lot of interesting responses.  Here are a majority of them for you to take a look at.

  1. Don’t know too much in detail what could be improved, but it would be important to have a great amount documentation in the source code, if someone is trying to change something for his needs. Objective-C is kind of a pain for someone who does not know it very well..
  2. I also don’t know currently how things are now with the server side of things with baker. Using encrypted zip files for downloading new publications for example, and using special hosting for publications (like dropbox, skydrive, mega or whatever other than usual hosting).
  3. We look forward to beginning to use Baker in the near future.
  4. A good support for Android!
  5. Android and PDF support are my major concerns.
  6. If somehow PDFs could be converted or at least be possible to include as a page, that would help my project.
  7. An extra upgrade is letter paging. On the right side of a page you have a floating menu with all the letters of the alphabet. You select the letter, and you get forwarded to the page where the title (for example) starts with that letter.
  8. It would be great if the Baker framework could be used for Android also.
  9. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed. I think this is a wonderful developer community. Furthering Android support would be my number one suggestion.
  10. A magazine preview feature would also be very useful.
  11. I feel that an ability to give voucher codes for issues and subscriptions would be helpful to allow people to buy both a print and digital at the same time.
  12. Thank you for Baker, it is awesome. :)
  13. I’m going to try Baker Android soon. I am also getting asked about Baker for Windows Phone/tablets…
  14. Maybe some modern and modular features for the UI of the Baker Shelf?
  15. Not really necessary since everyone’s needs will be different, but I’m thinking some standard UI elements and patterns seen in iPad/iPhone publications like: An featured image scroller that is swipe-able (forgot what these UI elements are called nowadays), Preview capabilities – Like a modal window that shows about 5 screenshots of the magazine. Preferably a Universal one.
  16. Looking forward to trying the Android version soon.
  17. Ability to download updated issue, once update on server.
  18. Android support and maybe kindle if possible
  19. New iPad view
  20. Issue redeem via code
  21. I think an overall change in design top to bottom would be nice but may be time consuming. Library function would be nice as has been discussed on baker before.
  22. I would like to see the following from Baker in the future (if possible)
  23. Android and Kindle Support
  24. Integration of issue redemption via code.
  25. Better iPad view
  26. Updated UI
  27. Integration of library tab for past issues that have been read and rearchived. Bbookmarks/search and other cool reader improvements
  28. I think just an overall sprucing up
  29. It would be nice to have - updates of downloaded issues - downloads for the standalone mode - pause / cancel downloads - search - bookmarks - more events to play with JS
  30. 5 months have past and no release in sight.
  31. An android version is very important for us but most of all, a Hpub file more “graphic” like laker compendium could be very useful!
  32. Sync main features between iOS and Android version, like: – paid issues
  33. Could we have a rotating wheel if it’s taking a while to get issues from blackens data base.
  34. Basic support for Login/Coupon integration or a tutorial on How-To, for the CE Console.
  35. Appreciate the loosely couple design but login support is integrated to almost all Newsstand publications now, and Baker CE should provide a basic means or a guide on how to accomplish that.

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Im developing newstand for ipad, downloaded baker 4.2.1.It worked fine in IOS7, xcode5. But getting
orientation issues in xcode6.1 sdk ios8.1. ex: If we rotate the ipad, design getting overflow.


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