Baker Framework Training Course

March 17, 2014

I often get asked if there are any good Baker Framework courses or training materials available.  While there are great resources that can be found on the Baker Framework GitHub Wiki and community – sometimes users still have many questions.

Peter Moxon has developed a comprehensive step by step training course that covers a huge majority of the process of creating an Apple Newsstand Magazine using the Baker Framework.

Peter Moxon

Do check out his course here if you are interested!

How to Make a Magazine – Create an Apple Newsstand Magazine


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Carlos Delgado
June 27, 2014 4:26 am

Hi Andrew, is this link is broken? :(



Hmm, yes it looks to be broken.

Will check with the producer of the course to see if it changed.



Sorry for the broken link guys. Had an issue with my hosting partner. All should be good now.


We do support eBook Training using Baker Framework


I assume you can publish to android too, right? (as a book) If so, this is exactly what I am looking for, especially if there’s a way to ask for money on the iOS platform. Of course, if my magazine catch on, Baker will get a cut, but as an amateur, that just want to try stuff out and see what works with the crowd without too big of an investment.


You can get an awesome Training course but in spanish from video2brain (lynda).

I don’t know if has got the same course in english. Anyway you can ask to the teacher if he knows some course in english.

info@publicarendigital (Ignacio Lirio)


It could be nice if you could publish some videotutorial about how Baker Frameworks works. Just an example with a simple magazine from the begining to the end, with tips, solutions… In the end, you are responsible for this fantastic project.

Thank you very much for giving us this great opportunity to publish personal projects without having to sell our car or mortgage our home :DDDD


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