Baker Partner Announcement: Magma Test Drive

December 15, 2014

As you guys already know, the Baker Partner program has been instrumental in helping push forward Baker in the marketplace. As of late, contributors from Twixl (Pieter) and MagLoft (Tobias) have been helping out a lot!

As part of the partner program, the Baker team wants to help those companies build and promote their solutions to a larger audience. Over the past months I’ve been in touch with another of our Baker Partner’s (Magma) in the lead up to their publishing platform based on Baker. They are currently in a phase of offering a test drive with their system. Please see the information below if you are interested!

Glad to see another offering leveraging Baker! I also hope to see some contributions back to the core Baker product from the Magma guys soon as well :) Which is a great thing for everyone!

Magma Test Drive: test your publications on iPad for free

Hello Baker community.

We’re Magma. As Baker partners, we’ve been tinkering at building an open, extremely solid and easy to use implementation of the Baker server side for few months now, with the help of the community.

We’re proud to announce that now you can take Magma for a spin, with Magma Test Drive. It’s a public preview of our platform.

Magma Test Drive allows you to test publish your magazines, eBooks or other documents for free using our systems. It also allows you to get a feel of what our management environment can and can’t do. Tell us what you like and what you don’t, and we’ll make sure the final version covers all your bases.

Using Test Drive has three steps:

  • Download the app. Yes, there’s an app for that: . It’s the showcase and also features a magazine with several interesting reference documents for tablet publishers.
  • Visit the web, and register for the Drive: . That will give you a free Test Drive access to our platform, so you can try it first hand, no hold barred. Upload your content and see it instantly published on the app.
  • You have an hour (it’s called Test Drive for something: the content will disappear from the server afterwards) to share and evaluate how your creation looks on the best rendering environment.

Test Drive supports:

  • HTML, including of course HTML5 (just zip up your website and upload).
  • HPUB
  • ePub (ePub3 included)
  • Even PDF, which we transform into HTML.

It also supports all sizes:

  • iPad (any).
  • iPhone (any).

The Test Drive is essentially the Baker iOS client app. So what you see on iOS, you should very soon see in Android in an integrated environment.

What is Magma?

Magma is the hassle-free tablet publishing platform. It allows you to publish your content on tablets with all the power of HTML5 at a fraction of the cost and with much less complication than the usual suspects.

Get going in hours and test your concept without risk. We take care of everything. We handle app creation, publishing and maintenance. We also equip you with templates and exclusive tools if you need help creating your cutting-edge publication. We can help you migrate from PDF or other replica-based environments: we offer full pre-media services.

We also offer “bring your own app” for developers: our easy-to-use, Baker-compliant server is here for you to plug you own, personalized Baker-compatible app. Want special effects? A unique user experience? Another Baker-based company’s app product? We support you with the best server-side platform available.

Best of all, the costs for a standard publication are fixed, low, monthly and extremely clear. Visit our web at for details or get in touch with us.

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