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Baker Partner Announcement: Twixl Publisher 4.0

Just yesterday Twixl Media released the 4.0 version of their platform which includes full support for the Baker Framework .HPub specification. Very exciting news! Check out their platform and information about the release at the link below.   Andrew

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Baker Partner Announcement: Magma Test Drive

As you guys already know, the Baker Partner program has been instrumental in helping push forward Baker in the marketplace. As of late, contributors from Twixl (Pieter) and MagLoft (Tobias) have been helping out a lot! As part of the

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Baker Community Poll – Initial Results

This is a first look at the results of the recent community poll.  As you can see there are certainly some interesting trends that can be identified. I decided to post an early preview of the results in order to

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Baker Framework Training Course

I often get asked if there are any good Baker Framework courses or training materials available.  While there are great resources that can be found on the Baker Framework GitHub Wiki and community – sometimes users still have many questions.

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Baker for Android

Well, the day has come to start expanding the .Hpub format to additional platforms… Francisco Contreras (via his company GInIEm has volunteered to lead the charge in bringing a flavor of Baker to the Android platform!  Today we are opening up

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Cannot connect to iTunes

Since joining the team a week or so ago, it’s become apparent that a few people are using Baker and getting the dreaded “Cannot connect to iTunes” error message. Unfortunately the “Cannot connect to iTunes” message is a bit of

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New Core Contributor – Bob Shand

I’d just like to take a quick moment to welcome Bob Shand as a Baker Framework Core Contributor!  Bob is a seasoned iOS Developer and will be helping out with shoring up the iOS Baker product as well as helping

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Baker Job Market

We just released a new Baker Framework community job posting solution! The Baker Job Market will provide a great way for those looking for all aspects of help with solutions based on the Baker Framework.  While it’s a little bit

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Welcome to the Baker Blog!

Along with our Baker website re-design, we are adding a blog here where both Andrew and Cedric plan to publish articles and information around our efforts! Stay tuned! The Baker Team

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