Cannot connect to iTunes

Since joining the team a week or so ago, it’s become apparent that a few people are using Baker and getting the dreaded “Cannot connect to iTunes” error message.

Unfortunately the “Cannot connect to iTunes” message is a bit of a catch all message, any number of things could be slightly mis-configured and all you’ve got to go on is the message.  Here is a small list of what might be going wrong…

  1. You’re testing in the simulator not on an actual device
  2. You’re not using a dedicated test iTunes account
  3. You haven’t signed out of the regular iTunes store on your device
  4. You haven’t setup your iTunes connect contracts
  5. You still need to setup banking information for your contract
  6. You still need to setup tax information for your contract
  7. The version numbers for your app and in iTunes connect are different
  8. Your provisions have expired or are incorrect in some way

Hopefully one of those points will guide you in the right direction, if not please feel free to open an issue, talk to one of the Baker developers/partners or consider posting a job to the jobs board.


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Dear Baker,

I dont understand this, I’ved done all the above.

Error Domain=SKErrorDomain Code=0 “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” UserInfo=0x1658ac20 {NSLocalizedDescription=Cannot connect to iTunes Store}

There are 2 things that comes into my mind:

– How to configure constant.h configuration against baker console ? There is no guide in this, could you recommend a good setting (example) for these ?

– i might need to try to create a new inapp nonconsumable. It may have been bought already, so it becomes invalid somehow. Will try that.


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