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Information on backend server components that support the Baker Framework.

Server Options

In order to support Newsstand Paid Subscriptions and Paid Issues with the Baker Framework, a backend server component is required. Baker supports an open API for communication with backend systems. If you or your company desires, you can build out a compliant server component to work with your Baker application, or you can use one of the various server options available at this time.

The Baker Framework team currently offers an Open Source Server component called the Baker Cloud Console (CE) edition. CE stands for Community Edition and is the “Official” supported backend server which implements the basic functionality required to build an end-to-end Baker application implementing Paid features. For those of you that have been following the project for any length of time, the Baker Cloud Console (CE) is a Baker Framework rebrand of the MagRocket product.

If you don’t have the technical inclination to setup your own hosting account and deploy the Baker Cloud Console (CE) edition, you may also want to look into solutions provided by various Baker Partners which offer value add platforms for Baker based applications.

Baker Cloud Console (CE)

For more information regarding the Baker Cloud Console (CE) product, please click here.  The Baker Cloud Console (CE) is a PHP/MySQL based backend administration console that is supported by the Baker Framework team.

Baker Server API

  • Baker Server API Reference
    Details on the Baker Server API specification. This can be used to build your own server backend that supports Baker iOS applications.

Third-Party Servers

  • For information on third party providers of backend solutions for Baker applications, please refer to the Partner Directory.