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Tutorials and other information/tools useful for Baker based applications.


  • Getting started tutorials for Newsstand or Standalone mode
    Read the tutorials on the wiki.
  • All the features you can find inside book.json
    The Hpub manifest file is a simple but flexible solution to build and customize your publication.
  • Technical Documentation on the Wiki
    Access our technical wiki for more information and details on how to use Baker.

Third-Party Tools

  • In5 for InDesign
    Export from InDesign to HTML5 with this tool. It also supports Baker by exporting to HPub.
  • Laker Compendium
    Laker is a compendium of files, frameworks, styles and tips for designing digital publications in HTML5.

Third-Party Tutorials

  • How To Make A Magazine Video Course
    Step by Step – Learn how to create an iOS Newsstand App for the iPad.  Course by Peter Moxon at NicheSpin.
  • Tumult Hype: Exporting to the Baker Framework for sale on the iOS App Store
    Tumult Hype is an animation application to create multimedia interactive content in HTML5.

Did you write a tutorial or tool for Baker?